How to decorate a small kitchen

Small kitchen decorate

The kitchen is the heart of every home, no matter its size. With smaller sized kitchens it can sometimes be a little tougher to decorate to get the most from it.

Here are some Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to small kitchen décor:


  • Use fresh, neutral colours to make the room feel more spacious
  • Create a feature wall to make the eye feature on that wall rather than the size of the room
  • If a dining table will fit in your kitchen, use one that can fold or be placed right up against a wall
  • Dining tables with benches are also a really good idea
  • Coordinate matching coloured smaller pieces throughout the space to create a visual flow.
  • A splash of colour can add depth – be it with units or accessories
  • Storage – is key! Keep work surfaces clutter free
  • Straight lines work wonders in small rooms, try adding large floor tiles or wooden flooring to create the feel of a longer, larger floor space
  • Lighting is also very important – add the wow factor to your small kitchen with a unique light fixture or funky chandelier
  • If you have high ceilings – make the most of them
  • Gloss kitchens reflect light and therefore give the perception of space
  • Throw colour palettes out the window and simply display your collection of cookbooks on the shelf to add plenty of colour
  • If you have a window – make a feature of it –and ensure no light is stopped from entering the room.


  • Don’t use dark, heavy colours too much, this can really draw a room. This could be the use of paint or wall tiles
  • Don’t choose a dark worktop, try to go for a white or natural wood tone.

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