Think big when it comes to small kitchens!

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Kitchens on the petite side are a common obstacle when it comes to home improvement, with many unsure how to make the most of the limited space they have.

We can help!

The key to success in a small kitchen is simple; meticulous imagination and planning! Whatever the size or shape you must work with; the trick is to create the illusion of more space with a smart layout and innovative yet stylish storage solutions.

A kitchen is the heart of any home and should be a functional yet enjoyable space – one where you can prepare food, store your crockery and utensils but still enjoy conversations and socialising with friends and family. It is all too easy for a small kitchen to feel cluttered.

A kitchen with too many units is already off to a bad start, it can make a room feel even smaller and even claustrophobic.

Our designers here at Direct Kitchens know just how to make a kitchen feel bigger, add depth and draw the eye forward to make the room feel longer or wider.

Having a dedicated home for everything and anything saves time, energy and will keep your kitchen looking good. Good storage isn’t about having units by the dozen. It’s about choosing the right units for the job with lots of clever features including integrated bins, and even a place to store those awkward potato mashers and cheese graters!

Exposed units can be a great option in smaller kitchens – if you have the time and dedication to keep them tidy.

Taking advantage of modern-day storage solutions to gain valuable space is also a great plan. By making lower units more accessible with pull-out shelves or corner carousels – ideal for storing occasional utensils in a space that could otherwise go unused.

And by adding depth to your drawer and unit storage with pull-out baskets and by storing smaller items neatly away with tray dividers and storage containers it will make the kitchen practical and spacious!

Finally, natural light or a range of lighting options can make a kitchen feel bigger instantly. By adding a main light fitting and spotlights under the units can also give the impression of more space!

Give us a call today to see how we can work with your small kitchen and make it feel so much bigger!